Vineri 21

Azi e sarbatoarea religioasa numita Izvorul Tamaduirii.Despre semnificatie cititi sursele religioase.

Dupa ce ne-am tamaduit trupul sa ne ocupam si de suflet.Cel mai bun medicament pentru suflet este  .O iubire in care inima si creierul sunt prezente.

Si pentru ca e vineri si e sarbatoare va fac un mic cadou ,cateva randuri despre creativitate

„Here are seven tips that will help you open the door of creativity:

  1. Write about a question that is too big and far beyond you.
  2. Embrace not-knowing.
  3. Allow time to muse and let thoughts and words take shape in the darkness.
  4. Write down any stray bits that come to you.
  5. Allow the final shape to emerge at its own pace.
  6. Let your writing invade your dreams.
  7. Let yourself be derailed.

That last point is the most important one. Because we tend to ride on the rail of who we think we are, and who we want to appear as. If we want to touch and reveal our creative soul, we need to allow creativity to derail us. Yes, we’ll be faced with something of a crash site with passengers wandering around aimlessly wondering who the hell they are and how they got there. But touching the soul of creativity is worth the chaos and the pain.

If you walk through this dark doorway,  you’ll renew your love affair with writing. You’ll find that you never lost your creativity – it’s right there, just waiting for you to let go of knowing, productivity, and usefulness.”

E cam frig ,dar nu va nelinistiti ,”primavara nu-i ca vara”,mai vine o furtuna,o ploaie.Ceea ce dureaza este LOVE.