Allez France!

„Allez France!” este o comedie din anul 1964.Ce scrie la IMDB?
…-An extremely funny film about a group of French rugby supporters who go to see a match at Twickenham and one of them inadvertently receives a blow in the mouth from someone else’s elbow. In the process he loses some front teeth and needs to see a dentist urgently … this is only the beginning of a long series of adventures befalling our poor friend ( played by Robert Dhery ) who doesn’t speak a word of English and who nevertheless needs to return urgently to France to get married in the following days sporting a decent mouth !

Allez la France de azi e alta treaba.O tanara frantuzoaica de 22 de ani ce locuieste in Thailanda si e animatoare webcam a avut ideea de a scrie dedicatii fanilor pe sanii ei de o marime considerabila.Pseudonimul ei :Anicha White.In 15 zile a ajuns la mii de fani pe Twitter,siteul Dediboobz.

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